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    Basalt Tile Color

    Basalt (lavastone, volcanic rock) is an fine-grained igneous rock formed from the rapid cooling of basaltic lava. The vesicular texture leads to an excellent insulating properties for both thermal protection and acoustic insulation. It is high in silicates, iron, and magnesium, usually grey to black in colour, but rapidly weathers to brown or rust-red due to the oxidation of its mafic (iron-rich) minerals into hematite and other iron oxides and hydroxides. Because of this, sealing is highly recommended when it is used as construction stone.

    Micro-hole Basalt

    Hainan Black Micro-hole
    Hainan Gray Micro-hole

    No-hole Basalt

    Hainan Black No-hole Basalt

    Mongolia Black No-hole

    Fuding Black No-hole

    Big-hole Basalt

    Hainan Black Big-hole

    Basalt Quarry Production Reference

    Lava Stone Quarry & Stone Block
    • basalt stone quarry

      Mircohole Basalt stone quarry

    • basalt stone quarry

      No-hole Basalt stone quarry

    • big hole basalt block

      Big Hole Basalt Blocks

    • microhole basalt block

      Microhole Basalt Blocks

    • no-hole basalt block

      No-hole Basalt Blocks

    What is honeycomb like flaw?

    • haiyingwan

      honeycomb-like flaw

    When a microhole / no-hole basalt block is cut, there is a chance that a natural flaw is there just like the picture on the left. This is what we call a honeycomb-like flaw where unwanted small area of bigger holes appear in the slab.

    This is natural flaw or blemish which can be cut off in the production of standard size tile or slab. But with large size demand, cutting is not available.

    Big size slabs without any flaw are rare and thus they are more expensive than small sized ones.

    Production & Product
    • basalt tile cutting

      Basalt stone tile cutting in the factory

    • basalt dimension stone

      Micro-hole Basalt dimension stone, size 228x25x50mm, one side shot-blasted + brushed finished, others sawn

    • equidistance-grooved tile

      The Micropores Basalt stone after being cut to size 120x30x2cm is then equidistance-grooved. It shows a kind of peaceful geometric beauty.

    •  chiseled off tile

      The last step is to chisel on the top of the grooves. This gives a unique flowing-water and rock-faced effect to the final product that is 120x26.7x2cm in size.

    • honed basalt

      These are Micropores Basalt honed finish tiles cut-to-size 60x60x2cm.

    • chiseled basalt

      Micropores Basalt tile applied with longitudinal-line-style chiseled top finish cut-to-size 60/80/100 x 15 x 2.5cm.

    • stair tread

      This is a piece of stair tread made by Micropores Basalt stone size 150x50x3cm. The top is honed with 4 anti-skidding grooves.

    • blocks with pipe holes

      Here are the basalt blocks made from Micropores Basalt. Each block is pre-drilled with 5 holes for inserting pipes. The face is done with anti-skidding chiseled finish.

    • sealed basalt

      Stone sealing is recommended for any basalt applications. It seals out the water and slow down staining and discoloration caused by acid rains.

    Packaging & Shipping
    • basalt tile packing

      Finished basalt tiles are packed by sturdy and pre-fumigated wooden crates with styrofoam protection from the 4 sides and the top.

    • basalt tile packing

      These finished basalt stone packages are covered with rainproof plastic film.

    • basalt stone at dock

      Well-packed stones are sent to the dock yard ready to sail by container from Haikou port which is not far from our factory.

    Basalt Stone Production Videos
    • This video shows how basalt slabs are cut into dimensional stones by a bridge cutting machine.

    • This video clip shows that equidistant grooves are cut one by one on the top surface of the basalt slab prior to further chiseling process.

    • The top of grooves are chiseled off manually to obtain the unique appearance as a wall cladding stone.

    Basalt Stone Gallery

    Basalt Product Gallery
    • basalt dimension stone

      This is a unique product made by Micro-hole Basalt. The dimension stone was cut to size 228x25x50mm. One side of the stone was shot-blasted + brushed finished (others sawn). A warm and antique style of wall decoration.

    Basalt Project Gallery
    • leiqiong geopark signboard base

      China Leiqiong Global Geopark in Haikou, Hainan Island is an International Volcanic Clusters Heritage. This signboard base beneath the statue was made purely from volcanic rocks.

    • lava stone paving

      Stone paving in the Geopark were laid with purely lava stones in random size and shapes at the Geopark.

    • basalt exterior wall cladding

      Big-hole Basalt walling stone are used an exterior project here. The fine-grained and vesicular texture leads to an excellent insulating properties (heat and sound insulations).

    • basalt wall cladding

      This is another project where uses micro-hole basalt as the external wall cladding material which looks relaxing and comfortable than refection glass curtain walls.

    • Basalt exterior paving

      Basalt stone is also an ideal material for exterior paving projects.

    • basaltcobble drive way

      Basalt-made cobble stones are used from a drive way in a project.

    • basalt wall project in Netherlands

      This is the feed back picture from the buyer who had bought our micropores basalt wall cladding (with equidistance grooved and split finish) for his construction project in the Netherlands.

    • basalt wall project in Saudi Arabia

      In this picture, it was a construction site in Saudi Arabia where longitudinal-line-style chiseled finish micro-hole basalt tiles were used for the column wall cladding.

    • basalt wall project in Dunedin

      These wall cladding stones were done using Timaru basalt which are at the railway station too. This project is close to the Otago Museum in Dunedin, New Zealand.

    • basalt wall project wal tile

      At this entrance of a residential building in China, cut-to-size Micro-hole Travertine tiles are used for walls.

    • big-hole basalt stone wall

      Big-hole basalt tiles honed finish are used for exterior wall cladding in this project.

    • big-hole lava stone post

      This is A dry-stack post built with big-hole lava stone blocks at the Leiqiong Geopark.